Healing Gemstone Stitch Marker Drops - Rose Quartz


Beautiful accessories for your knitting, perfect for all project, infused with the healing energy of crystals and gemstones.

Our Stitch Marker Drops are perfect for those who prefer "dangle-free" markers in larger sizes.  Each Drop is hand wrapped and all have been checked to ensure they are snag-free. 

This Drop set of 8 is hand crafted with silver plated findings and features genuine Rose Quartz gemstone beads and includes a complimentary matching Stitch Marker holder.

Drop sets are available in 4 needle sizes: Medium (6mm/US10), Med/Large (8mm/US11), Large (10mm/US15), Ex-Large (11.5mm/US16).

Rose quartz is a well known and recognized gemstone. It was known throughout the ages to be a symbol of beauty and love. Rose quartz is thought to be increase self-esteem and peace. It provides emotional support and comfort to the wearer.  An excellent stone for stress and worry, is provides a gentle calmness.  It is also thought to enhance creativity and imagination.


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