Healing Gemstone Droplet Stitch Markers - Autumn Jasper


Beautiful accessories for your knitting, perfect for lace or delicate projects, infused with the healing energy of crystals and gemstones.

Our Droplet Stitch Markers are perfect for those who prefer "dangle-free" markers in smaller sizes.  Each Droplet is hand wrapped and all have been checked to ensure they are snag-free. 

This Droplet set of 10 is hand crafted with silver plated findings and features genuine Autumn Jasper gemstone beads and includes a complimentary matching Droplet Stitch Marker holder.

Droplet sets are available in 2 needle sizes: Mini (3.25mm/US3) and Small (4mm/US6).

Jasper is found is a variety of colors, from dark green to cream, green, pink, red, blue, black and orange. It is a symbol of the heart in Ancient Egypt and Central America. All types of jasper are known to be grounding and centering. Jasper is used for protection, to nurture and protect against negativity. Autumn Jasper specifically is strongly connected to the Earth and as such, help to encourage ecological awareness, is very stabilizing and balancing. This gemstone is also particularly useful for alleviating geopathic and environmental stresses.


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