Healing Gemstone Bracelet - Unakite


Beautiful jewelry to bring out your inner beauty with the healing properties of semiprecious gemstones.

This unique hand-crafted bracelet is made of durable and flexible jewelry wire and features genuine Swarovski crystals in Padparadascha pink and silver plated beads to compliment the genuine Unakite gemstone beads. The clasp is a simple and easy to use toggle. The bracelet is 7-1/2" but can easily be made to fit larger or smaller ~ just let us know! The bracelet comes packaged in a gift bag.

Unakite is a readily available gemstone, green and pink in appearance. It is a powerful stone and is known for its releasing and balancing properties. This stone of “vision” is known to enhance one's ability to reason and logic. It is thought to create the clarity necessary for responsible decision making while helping to clear emotional and physical blockages. Unakite encourages a gentle release of things that inhibit one's growth and helps to balance emotions with one’s spirituality. It provides a calm, gentle energy and helps to ground the wearer. Unakite can negate the effects of electromagnetic pollution from items such as television, mobile phones, etc. It is also a supportive gemstone in recovery from major illness.

We are also more than happy to accomodate any special requests. Please contact us for more information.

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