Harry Potter Ravenclaw House Stitch Marker Drops


Ravenclaw values intelligence, creativity, learning, and wit. Show your house colors in blue and bronze.

This Stitch Marker Drop set of 9 is hand-crafted with gold plated findings and features Ravenclaw blue and bronze glass beads as well as an antique bronze Deathly Hallows charm and includes a **complimentary matching** Stitch Marker Drop holder.

Drop sets are available in 4 needle sizes: Medium (6mm/US10), Med/Large (8mm/US11), Large (10mm/US15), Ex-Large (11.5mm/US16). Or we are happy to customize them with hooks instead - available in two sizes, small and large.

The third photo shows the two available hook options. Customizing to hooks is $1 extra for the set.


Unique accessories for your knitting, perfect for all projects.

Our Stitch Marker Drops are perfect for those who prefer "dangle-free" markers in larger sizes. Each Drop is hand wrapped and all have been checked to ensure they are snag-free.

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