Creativity as a Spiritual Practice

My name is Jenny Waddington and I am the founder and owner of Crimson Orchid Designs and I welcome you to our shop.

My mission at Crimson Orchid Designs is to support and inspire women to enhance their self-care in order to prevent or minimize stress, anxiety and overwhelm. I believe that creativity, mindset and physical environment can provide the essential elements for living an inspired life.

At Crimson Orchid, I have always been inspired to support creativity by creating a product line for knitting and crochet; including stitch markers, counting bracelets, handspun yarns, and other accessories.

My focus over the years has grown and developed, but my vision has always remained the same; to provide hand-crafted, high quality, beautifully unique accessories for fibre enthusiasts.

Part of my business vision is to always focus on high quality components. As such, I utilize genuine Swarovski crystals, known for their fantastic sparkle and shine, semi-precious gemstones, thought to have intrinsic healing properties and glass and crystal beads.

I welcome all custom or special orders and love working with other businesses for knit-alongs, yarn clubs and swaps.

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